Kitchen Renovations

Unless you’re planning to carry out your own kitchen renovations, you’ll need a contractor to do the work. And with renovations averaging around $22,000, it’s important to choose someone reliable who will get the work done on time and within your budget. Reading reviews and comments posted online is one way to find a reputable kitchen renovation contractor; it’s also a good idea to talk to friends and family to get any suggested names. Meeting with a contractor is recommended; it gives you an idea whether it’s someone you want to work with, and it’s the ideal opportunity to ask about a proposed timeframe, the cost of the project and to make sure it’s clearly understood what you have in mind. And of course, any good contractor will carry the required licensing and insurance and won’t hesitate to provide this information if asked for it. You should also expect to be given a detailed and no obligation estimate for the work.

Budget is important when it comes to planning kitchen renovations, especially when it’s easy to spend a lot more than the aforementioned $22,000. Keep in mind that major work in the kitchen may involve installing new electrics and new plumbing. It can be disruptive to you and your family as well as costly. Your budget should be as realistic as possible, based not only on what you can afford, but what you want as the end result. Try to build a little wiggle room into your budget to cover unexpected expenses, labor costs and warranties. Although you want to keep your kitchen renovations cost as low as possible, it’s worth buying quality appliances and making sure the work is carried out properly. However, it’s also worth focusing on the essential appliances and improvements needed and not get sidetracked by things you don’t need.

If you’re planning any kitchen renovations, you probably want to incorporate as much counter space and storage as possible – two things that are often in short supply. Granite counter tops may cost more, but they can add extra value to your new look kitchen, and are also easy to clean, durable and visually appealing. When it comes to storage and extra space, being creative is often the key, which may mean making use of the space above your cupboards, storing items on top of the fridge and making use of pull out storage when possible. Don’t forget kitchen lighting when planning kitchen renovations; improved lighting can make more of a difference than many people think, especially when it comes to making a dingy or cramped room seem lighter and more inviting.

In most kitchens, regardless of size, the three most important components are the stove, sink and fridge. Creating an easy flow between these key areas should be an important focus in any kitchen renovations plan, and doing so can help to maximise efficiency and save time when preparing meals. In fact, one way to approach any kitchen renovation project is to ask yourself what your goal is. It might be to have more storage space, to enable family to eat in the kitchen, to benefit from more energy saving appliances, or to upgrade your kitchen so it’s more appealing to a buyer. And of course you may just want a more appealing and functional kitchen, given that you spend more time in it than you want to. Ask yourself what works in your kitchen at the moment, and what would be an obvious improvement. Having a clear plan before you start work is just as important as having a budget and can ensure the finished kitchen works as it should. If you’re stuck for ideas for kitchen renovations, your nearest home improvement store is a good place to start, and of course you can find advice, suggestions and product information online.

And it’s well worth spending money on kitchen renovations. Perhaps not surprisingly, more homeowners renovate their kitchen than any other room, and when it comes to showing and selling your home, an efficient, functional and upgraded kitchen can significantly add to your home’s value. Along with the bathroom it’s one of the most important rooms in your home if you’re trying to appeal to a buyer, as any realtor will tell you.