The Role Of A Glazier

Glazier is the title used for the person who accomplishes the tasks of fitting glasses, doors, mirrors, ceilings, windows and panes. He undergoes the fixation of fundamental wooden, plastic or glass structures during or after the construction of a building. Glass Express install, cut or remove the glass material used in construction. They use a number of tools to measure the size of glass to be fitted in a particular window or any other part of the building. They need to be tall highted, patient with a steady hand to work on glasses with perfection. The various tools used by glaziers to perform all the glass fittings are glass cutting blades, straightedges, drills, grinders, sanding blocks, glazing compounds, saws, scrapers, sandpaper, respirator or dusk mask. Glaziers provide different kind of services in different ways, which are as follows:

-Using blueprints or specifications to configure the size, shape and location of the glass required to be installed in a building.
-Removal of any old, broken or scratched glasses prior to installation of the new glass.
-Cutting the glasses of required shapes and sizes.
-Making or moulding of the frames where glasses are to be installed.
-Fitting the glass into the frames or sashes with the help of moldings, clips or any other fasteners.
-Sealing the joints with weather seal or putty.
The areas of services for glaziers are as follows:
-Installation, removal or replacement of glass items of windows, mirrors, shower doors and bathtub enclosures in residential buildings.
-Installation of room dividers, display cases and security windows in commercial buildings.
-Installation of architectural glass systems that are used for exterior walls or storefront windows in residential as well as commercial buildings.
-Inspection and cleaning of the damaged glasses or windshields in automobiles.
-Preparation of the surfaces for the repair.
-Application of urethane sealent to the windshield frames.
-Installation or removal of glasses, replacement of front view or rear view mirrors of the vehicles.
-Use of specialized tools like vacuum pumps for filling windshield cracks and chips with stabilizing resins.

The glaziers undergo specializations in installing different types of glasses such as insulated glasses which are used for retaining warmth or coldness and tempered glasses which are less prone to breaking.
They are generally exposed to adverse weather conditions like bright sunlight and extreme cold conditions as they majorly work on open spaces. They need to lift heavy weights comprising of large glass plates and often work while standing and bending. They are needed to travel to commercial or residential locations to install the glasses.

The industries which provide job opportunities to glaziers are:
-Building material.
-Garden equipments.
-Building finishing contractors.
-Foundation, structure and building exterior structures.
-Manufacturing and self employed workers.

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