Give Your Home A Facelift On A Budget

Every now and then you want to freshen up the décor and look of your home. However, you may be quite certain that you do not have the time or budget for big home improvement plans. You can give your home an effective facelift by just opting to make a few changes. Here are a few ideas on giving your residence a makeover without spending too much money.

The Walls

A house is separated from the outside by the walls. Irrespective of its size and shape every house and apartment has walls, doors and windows. And this is the best place to begin a facelift. A coat of paint is all a room may need to brighten it up.
You should consider the colour scheme of the room, and the dominant colours used in the décor to select an appropriate wall colour. Some paint brands have websites and apps that will help you visualise how your room would look after the walls have been painted. You could also choose to only paint one of the walls, and display art or family photographs on it.

Of Curtains and Window Treatments

An effective and inexpensive way of giving your rooms a facelift is by simply changing the curtains. You can consider the current trends in this area of home decoration or you could opt for the classics. An online perusal of stores that offer curtains and window treatments will reveal many options that will be perfect for your home.
You can opt for curtains in solid colours or for printed ones. Some homeowners like to use a combination of sheer and heavy curtains. This allows them to control the amount of light entering the rooms. Some manufacturers also offer curtains that feature embroidery.
You may also wish to consider shades or shutters, depending on the size and style of the windows. Do not forget to buy cushion covers that complement the colour of the curtains. This small change can add an aesthetic touch to the room.

Personalise Your Art

Your home should be a reflection of your sense of design. And this is why it is a good idea to customise the art on the walls. Rather than opt for impersonal art prints, you could frame a painting you bought on your last holiday.
Many online stores sell high quality frames in several sizes. If you buy a set of such frames you may be able to get them for a bargain. You can frame your favourite photographs and display them on your walls. The fun part of using such frames is that, whenever you wish to you can change the photographs they showcase.

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