Emergency Glass Repair – What To Do When You Get A Broken Window

Whether it’s an innocent soccer ball, or a violent altercation, the necessity of window repair is something we’re all familiar with. But because repairmen may not always be a call away when disaster strikes, it may be necessary to figure it out yourself and effect emergency glass repair on your own, and particularly so in the brutal winter months. Here are some DIY tips for cracked and shattered windows.

* Cracked Windows

Though a temporary fix, it’s generally advised that you use ordinary tape for all cracked windows. This is done by firstly gently pressing on the glass to check if it’s decently sturdy. If it doesn’t crack, then further proceed to apply duct or packing tape, running your fingers over the tape for a tight seal and to remove bubbles.

* Shattered Windows

A bit technical and risky, you’ll need gloves and attention to detail to effect a successful repair to a shattered window. Start by removing the glass from the shattered window by pushing it inside out, and then carefully remove the broken pieces from the frame. That done, find accurately measured heavy duty plastic to cover the exposed frame, securing the plastic with duct tape. When it come to wooden frames, a staple can is generally ideal.

If you have any doubts about doing it yourself, speak to your local glazier who will come and do it for you safely!

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