DIY Laundry Cabinet Refinishing

Laundry renovations today can be extremely expensive. While a do it yourself renovation may take longer it can save hundreds even thousands of dollars. A simple cabinet refinishing may be all that is needed to give an outdated laundry a beautiful new look.

Simply painting old cabinets is easy, cost effective and can turn a drab laundry into a fabulous laundry in as little as one weekend. Begin with removing all hardware from the cabinets and drawers. Then take down all doors and remove the drawers, taking time to mark each so it can be put back in its proper place for easy match up upon reinstallation.

Give the doors and drawers a light hand sanding; do not use a power sander as this could cause damage from sanding too deeply. Once the sanding is finished and all surfaces are cleaned, apply a coat of primer before painting. Painting the inside of the cabinets is not necessary because obviously these will be covered once the job is complete. If however, they are in bad shape contact paper or something similar can be used to hide the imperfections.

This next step is probably going to be the hardest, picking out a paint color. A roller, paint brush, or power sprayer (perhaps the quickest and most efficient) can be used; however, use of a good quality semigloss paint is a must. Once the paint is dry the doors and drawers can be reinstalled quickly and easily following the markings on each. The final step is reinstalling all cabinet hardware.

It is as simple as those to give a laundry a fresh new look and save an enormous amount of money in the process. With all the money saved with do yourself laundry renovations, new cabinet hardware may be a nice touch. Laundry renovations can be simple do it yourself jobs that do not cost a boat load of cash or a considerable amount of time to accomplish.

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